Best RC Lipo Charger 2022 Comparison (Top 5 Picks)

Top 5 Best Lipo Battery chargers of 2022

There are numerous types of Lipo battery chargers that are available for sale today but we will help you to get the best lipo charger in 2022. The name derives from the chemical composition of the battery, which is lithium-polymer. LiPo batteries consist of several cells that are connected. Each cell is equipped with a nominal power of 3.7 Volts as well as a battery capacity of milliamps (short to milliamps hours). The capacity refers to the amount of energy the battery is able to hold (in milliamps/hour).

The most efficient lipo chargers are those that utilize the Aida principle. The Aida principle says that the more power is generated, the faster it is applied to the battery.

Aida concept is referred to by the name Direct Current (DC) electric power. It is a kind of electric power that is supplied directly to batteries, without having to be transformed into different forms like AC or Vibration Current (VC). This means it is able to charge batteries with extremely powerful capacities and performances without the danger of damaging or overcharging the batteries.

Our selection of best lipo chargers.

Below is the list of the 5 best lipo battery chargers that you can use in 2022. These lipo chargers will help you to get the best performance out of your lipo batteries.

One of the best lipo charger 2022 | ISDT D2

best lipo charger 2022

ISDT D2 Mark 2 LiPo Battery Balance Charger Duo Discharger Dual 200W 12A2 AC Dual Channel Output 1-6S Li-ion Life NiCd NiMH LiHV PB Smart Battery

LiPo Battery Charger Discharger 150W 10A 1-6S AC/DC

The LiPo/Lion balance charger C150 is a fantastic choice for those seeking quality products with a variety of options. It is simple to use and comes with numerous features to assist in charging your batteries. Overall this charger is worth the price and will be a great choice for anyone seeking a high-quality product.

The Ac/Dc Balance Charger Comes With Ac Power Cord, Dc Cable, Balance Board, and Explosion Proof Bag. Package Also Comes With Octopus Multi-Charging Harness With Tamiya, Tamiya Mini, Jst, T Plug, Ec3, Trx, Deans Connectors To Be Compatible With Many Charging Connectors.


  • The LiPo/Li-ion balancer C150 is an excellent choice to those seeking high-quality products with a variety of options.
  • Overall this charger is of excellent value and is perfect for people searching for a top-quality product.
  • The charger is simple to use and comes with many features that assist in charging your batteries.


  • Limits on input voltage and automatic maximum charge, Delta-peak sensitivity processing time limit, and temperature threshold. Loading and storage of files Twenty memory files. Firmware update

Dynamite Passport P2 LiPo Battery Fast Charger

best lipo charger 2022

Dynamite Passport P2 100W AC/DC 2-Port Multicharger with Bluetooth Connectivity, DYNC3016

Venom is another well-known manufacturer of LiPo batteries. Venom specifically focuses on rechargeable batteries and battery charges. These LiPo batteries are equipped with plug adaptors that work with Tamiya, Deans, Traxxas and EC3 plugs. They’re high-capacity as well as high discharge rate.

This charger is multi-chemistry that can be used for Lithium LiPo LiHV, Li-Ion, Lithium Iron LiFe Nickel Metal Hydride NiMH, Nickel Cadmium NiCD, and Lead Acid Pb-based Chemistry batteries. It functions as a battery charger balancer and discharger with four dedicated charging circuits of 100W 7A it is able to fast charge four batteries for RC simultaneously. It can be used for charging your RC motorbike, RC car, Dromida plane, Dromida car, or any other RC toy. Its Venom Pro Quad Charger comes with a charging cord and two USB 2.3A charging ports, making it simple to recharge your batteries.


  • The C battery can also be charged simultaneously
  • Secure and simple to use
  • The battery charges 2S 3S, 4S, and 5S 6S, and 2S LiPo batteries
  • Avoids charging too much, which could lead to overcharging.
  • Also includes charging cables as well as ports for other devices.
  • Interface for control buttons
  • Bright LCD screen with backlit LED
  • Navigation of menus is simple by a control panel with five buttons


  • Not recommended for use with lead-acid batteries.

Spektrum S2200 G2 Best Smart Lipo Charger

best lipo charger 2022

Spektrum S2200 G2 AC 2x200W Smart Charger, SPMXC2010

  • Allows hyper-fast charging with up to 400W power
  • Charges AND balances Smart G2 batteries with one simple IC3 or IC5 connection — no separate balance lead is needed
  • Auto Charge recognizes Smart battery charging parameters and begins safe, accurate charging automatically when connected
  • Includes IC3 and IC5 charging output ports — no separate adapters are required to charge different Spektrum Smart batteries

Its NHX EZPRO Duo 100W Dual AC/DC 12A LIHV/LIPO and NIMH RC Battery Balance Charger is an excellent product as it eliminates the issue of not being capable of charging your batteries in your home. With this charger, you’ll be able to quickly and easily charge your batteries to make them stronger and more energy-efficient.


  • The NHX The EZPRO Duo 100WX2 Dual AC/DC 12A LiHV/LIIPO & the NIMH RC Balance Charger is an excellent product for people who wish to recharge their batteries quickly and conveniently.
  • The charger is simple to use and is ideal for those who aren’t comfortable in charging batteries.
  • The charger is extremely efficient and will charge your batteries in a short time.


  • The NHX EZPRO Duo 100W X2 Dual AC/DC 12A LiIPO/LIHV and the NIMH RC Battery Balancer isn’t the cheapest charger available, however, it’s worth the cost.

HTRC Lipo Charger HB6 RC Battery

Traxxas 2972 EZ-Peak Plus 100 Watt NiMH/LiPo Dual Charger with iD System

The HTRC Lipo Charging HB6 Li-ion RC Battery Balance Charger Battery Charger Discharger LiPo/Li-ion/Life Battery(1-6s) NiMH/NiCd (1-15s) the RC Hobby Batteries Balance Charger, 80W/6A makes a great option for those who want for a charger to recharge their LiPo or Li-ion batteries. This top-quality balance charger is able to charge the batteries in a range of settings and offers various functions like an independent Lithium Battery Balancer, which can keep track of and balance each cell, fast and storage Charging, Data Storage and load, Cyclic Charging & Discharging and security for nickel-metal hydride.


  • The HTRC Li-ion Charger, HB6 Batteries Balance Charger RC Lipo Battery Charger Discharger LiPo/Li-ion/Life Battery(1-6s) NiMH and NiCd (1-15s) A RC The Hobby Balance Battery Charger, 80W/6A an ideal option for people who want for a charger to recharge their LiPo or Li-ion batteries.
  • This top-quality balance charger will charge the batteries within the form of it.


  • Don’t choose the wrong type of battery for charging.
  • The lipo charger is constructed within an independent Lithium Battery Balancer, which is used to monitor and balance every cell of the battery as well as a Fast and Charge function for Storage, Data storage and Load function, and Cyclic Charging and Discharging function as well as security features for nickel-metal hydride or nickel-cadmium battery packs or Lithium-ion-based battery packs.
  • The charger comes with an extended 12-month warranty

ISDT K2 Lipo Battery Balance Charger

Tenergy T180 100W Balance Charger Discharger, Touch Screen RC Battery Charger for NiMH/NiCd/Li-Po/Li-Fe Packs, Durable Metal Housing, LiPo Battery Charger w/ Tamiya/JST/EC3/HiTec/Deans Connectors

This ISDT K2 Lipo battery balance charger discharger 1 – 6S AC 200W AC 500Wx2 20A smart Charger for Life Lilon and LiPo. the LiHv/Pb/NiMH Battery Balance charger is a fantastic device that allows you to charge different kinds of lithium-ion batteries. It is safe to access input and output as well as with a high-power synchronous double channel. It’s also a fantastic device to charge mobile devices.


  • Access to inputs that are safe
  • Dual-channel high power synchronous with high power
  • Smart charging
  • Two-way USB interface
  • Connecting the to the micro USB port on the computer, all series will be able to receive the most current firmware upgrade
  • 5V/2A power output via the USB Type-C interface.
  • For charging mobile devices.


  • Lion, liPo, and liHv/Pb/N battery balance chargers will not be compatible with certain kinds of batteries.
  • Not compatible with certain kinds of mobile devices

When do I need to recharge my RC LiPo battery?

They are completely charged at 4.2v/cell and their maximum safe charge, as we’ll go over in detail in the future will be 3.0v/cell. 3.7v is somewhere in between, which is the nominal value of the cell.

In this case which ampere do I recharge my RC battery?

As a rule of thumb that you should charge your batteries using an average rate of 1. Therefore, for the 2200mAh capacity battery charge rate, it should have to be 2.2 Amps and for a capacity battery with 1700 mAh, The charge rate should have to be 1.7 Amps.

Are all LiPo Chargers the same?

When purchasing a LiPo charger, be aware of the type of Lipo batteries it is able to charge. A basic lipo charger may only be able to charge 3S and 2S lipo, whereas a higher-end one could be able to balance charge other kinds of LiPos such as 1S,4S 5S, 6S as well as other types. A few high-end chargers are capable of charging multiple types of lipo at once.

What is the best way to utilize lipo batteries in storage mode?

The majority of modern LIPO chargers come with the storage mode and sure, you have to connect the balance leads for proper use. By following the instruction manual, you’ll find the most efficient method to place your LIPOs into storage mode. Storage mode is intended for long periods of non-usage. A few days or even a week is fine