In the beginning, we will present what DJI Mavic Mini battery.
The battery 2S is lithium-ion and has a capacity of 2400mAh, which could offer an up to 30-minute flight duration on the Mavic Mini. The battery’s integrated management system continuously keeps track of the battery’s state and then reports the status in real-time.

what do I need to do in order to turn on the Mavic Mini?

Connect your smartphone to the remote controller and connect to Mavic Mini via the DJI Fly application. Follow the application’s instructions to turn on Mavic Mini

What is the time required to fully charge Mavic Mini for the first time?

It takes around 120 mins to completely charge DJI’s 18W USB charger, approximately five and one-half hours when connected to the iOS smartphone, while around an hour and forty-five moments when connected to the Android device.

How do I charge DJI Mavic Mini Battery?

The DJI Mavic Mini Two-way Charging hub could serve as a power source for charging external devices. The newbie may not know when the battery has been fully charged or what power the battery has remaining. This is not a problem. The indicator on the LED will tell you the current status of the battery.

Method 1: Charge the battery via the drone itself

Step 1: Plug the battery directly in from the back, and make sure that it’s properly pressed.

Step 2. Close the door, and then you’ll put the micro USB connector to Mavic mini. Mavic mini.

Step 3. Step 3: Connect to the USB charger with an AC power source (100 50/60Hz, 240V). Make use of a power adapter when required.

Step 4. The battery level LEDs show the battery’s current level while the charging process.

Step 5. Intelligent Flight Battery has been fully charged once all of the batteries level LEDs are on.

Step 6: Disconnect the USB charger after the battery has fully charged.

Method 2: Charging using Mavic Mini two-way charging hub. Mavic Mini Two-way Charging hub

When you connect this Mavic Mini Two-way charging hub, You can able to charge three batteries simultaneously.

Step 1: Insert the battery into the port on the battery until there’s an audible click. Then you will be able to see the exact battery level.

Step 2. The charging hub should be connected to the outlet for power (100 50/60Hz, 240V) with the Micro USB cable and a DJI 18W USB Charger.

Step 3: Intelligent Flight Battery with the most power is charged first, and who will charge the remaining batteries in order following their power levels.

Step 4: The status lights will turn white once the battery has been fully charged.

Step 5: Disconnect your battery from its hub for charging.


* If a charger is connected to the hub for charging with one of the Intelligent Flight Batteries installed and any other devices not connected to the USB port, The charging hub will charge only the Intelligent Flight Batteries.

* If you are using the Intelligent Flight batteries, they are placed in the bub and with any external devices connected via the USB ports. With the charging hub separated from its charging hub, the batteries can function as a power source to charge external devices are connected to the hub.

How to know that my Mavic Mini is fully charged?

LED 1LED 2LED 3LED 4Level of the battery
****Fully charged

These intelligent batteries that have the highest power are charged first. While charging, the status light will flash green and then turn green. When the indicator for the status LED is green and solid, the batteries have been fully charged. Unplug the batteries from the charging hub once the charging process is completed.

What is the battery capacity, and battery lifespan for Mavic mini, charging time? Mavic mini remote controller?

Its Mavic Mini Remote Controller is equipped with an internal battery that can hold 2600 mAh. It takes approximately 120 minutes for a full charge of this DJI 18W USB charger, which is about 4 and half hours if connected to the iOS smartphone, as well as around an hour and forty-five hours when it is connected with the Android device.

(Note) when connecting to the Android device to ensure an uninterrupted link between your remote control and a device. it is expected that the Android system will draw some of the power sources from the remote controller. Thus, the remote controller will have less battery life connecting with the Android device.

How often should I charge and deplete my battery?

It is recommended that you complete this process every three months. before to storage, it’s recommended to recharge the battery up to 60 percent.

How do I keep the battery of my Mavic miniature battery?

To ensure that the battery is functioning, charging and then discharging the battery every three months is suggested. Be sure not to completely discharge the battery only to keep it in storage for a long period, as the battery could over-charge, and the battery’s cells will get damaged. That would make the battery inoperable.

What is the significance of the movie Mini’s weight of 249g crucial?

The weight of 249 grams puts the Mavic Mini in the smallest and most certain weight class of drones. It is also the case that some countries can be exempted from some regulations. For instance, within America and Canada, in the United States and Canada, you can fly the Mavic Mini without registering your drone with the federal government.

How long will the Mavic mini last? Does Mavic Mini last?

It is estimated that the Mavic Mini battery is able to last up to 4 years if it is properly maintained. If you’d like to extend the battery’s lifespan, performing the deep cycle may help.

Do you know what the best Mini batteries for DJI’s Mavic are?

These are the top items on the list.

Original Mavic Mini Drone Battery 2400 mAh

Product Identifiers

Brand: DJI
Model Mavic: Mini

Product Key Features

Compatible Brand: DJI
Color: Black
Compatible Model: Mavic Mini
Type: Battery

Additional Product Features

Maximum Flight Time: 30 min

Model: MB2-2400mAh-7.2V
Rated Capacity: 2400 mAh
Battery Type: Li-ion 2S
Rated Voltage: 7.2 V
Limited Charge Voltage: 8.4 V
Max Charging Power: 24 W


The Mavic mini Intelligent Flight Battery provides the most flight time of half-hour. With an intrinsical DJI Intelligent Battery Management System, battery standing is monitored according to the period, permitting you to focus less on power levels and additional on flying.

DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone fast charging hub accessories-two way battery

Item specification

Brand: Unbranded
Color: Black
Compatible Brand: For DJI
Type: Charging Hub


Two-way hub charger drone accessory with DJI Mavic mini- charge 3 batteries DJI Mavic mini Two-Way Charging Hub Charger Drone accent –
Charge three Batteries Convenient. charging of 3 batteries in sequence.
It can be used as a charging hub for Mavic mini batteries and an influence bank to charge external devices.

Mavic mini with Smatree hard carrying case compatible

Brand: Smatree
Color: Black
Department: Camera


Carrying case fits for DJI Mavic mini drone, remote controller, intelligent flight batteries, and device, keeping all of your accessories organized and safe. Not for Mavic mini two
Made of High-density EVA material for additional sturdy, protective, your Mavic mini and accessories safe.
A portable onerous shell case protects your Mavic mini drone and accessories from scratches and bumps.
Ideal for travel or home storage, in-built carry handle, and cozy band to keep your drone secure. It’s convenient to hold on outside vacation. With the band, you’ll be able to carry it by your hand or your shoulder, which is convenient for daily use.
Exterior dimensions: 28 cm 23 cm eight.5 cm/11′ 9′ 3.3′