best traxxas rc cars
best traxxas rc cars

RC cars have taken a beating from all global supply chain issues, but as we head into the holiday season. Well, I have got you the best Traxxas RC cars you can choose from to have fun.

The main hobby is having a wide variety of Traxxas Rc cars that are ready, willing, and available. What are those cars? Well, let’s find out as we count down through the best Traxxas vehicles available now.

What Is The Best Traxxas RC Car?

I want you to be the judge of that, I have provided the list of the best traxxas rc cars so you can choose your best suitable option from it. Some are better in performance and some in durability.

The Teletrax 1 18-scale vehicles

The first cars on our list are the smallest and the least expensive and still tons of fun. We are talking about the Teletrax brand of 1 18th-scale electric cars, including the four-wheel-drive desert pre-runner short course. The four-wheel-drive Teton monster truck, and the four-wheel-drive rally car, all of these cars share the same waterproof brushed electronics oil-filled shocks, independent suspension, and pro graphic painted bodies.

Plus, the minor nature of the 18th scale help save space to make them ultra-portable and playable just about anywhere. The best part of the Teletrax 1 18-scale vehicles is that they’re fully ready to run and ready to go for under 150$, and they include a battery.

18859E Orange1:18 RC Monster Truck Hobby Grade

Traxxas bandit VXL RC car

One of the best-known RC buggies out there, and that’s the Traxxas bandit, this buggy is first on our list to be the standard tent scale size. And it’s a huge bump up in terms of speed capabilities and upgradeability. For starters, the bandit VXL brushes model can have an impressive 70-mile-an-hour top speed right out of the box. There are a few requirements to do this, but it can be done. The bandit also features waterproof electronics and oil-filled shocks.

And independent suspension ready for the pavement or some off-road dirt. When it comes to Pavement or some off-road dirt when it comes to upgrading. There have been more option parts and accessories made for this Traxxas chassis than probably any other RC car in the world, so finding upgrades, accessories, and replacement parts should never be an issue. Who can discover the brushed version of the bandit, including a battery and a charger for 220 dollars, or the brushless bandit VXL for about three hundred and twenty dollars? It does require a battery pack.

Trx-4 RC car

The next Traxxas vehicle you can pick up right now is the tried-and-true Trx-4. some RC cars don’t need to be fast, and Trx-4 is an excellent example of a slow crawling truck designed to tackle harsh terrain; how to do it? Trx-4 features solid high-clearance portal axles. Four-wheel-drive drivetrain and waterproof electronics. Some Trx-4 models even have remote locking differentials and selectable two-speed transmission that you can adjust with the switch on the transmitter but not all of them. Now, trx-4 is one popular truck, so not all body styles are always available like the newly released 2021 ford bronco, but many of the other body styles are frequently in stock for pricing. The ready-to-run trx-4 trucks start at about 285 dollars with the trx-4 sport, and they go up from there, adding officially licensed bodies and that two speed and differential functionality. The trx-4 is also offered as a kit for anyone who wants to build it themselves, and it’s available.

Traxxas Slash RC Truck

Chances are you have heard of this truck because it is one of the most famous and influential RC cars of all time.

Yes, we are talking about the Traxxas slash short course trucks that are great bashers, and part of their thrill Is how well they will swap paint. When the racing heats up because of that, short course trucks are great fun with friends and family and if you are lucky enough to have a truck in your local area. They may even offer a slash spec class standard for many trucks—a great way to race with a slash regardless of your intentions properly. The slash is a fantastic RC that can be customized and upgraded to anything. Slash options include either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive brushed electronics or the vxl brushless system and, of course, all the different body colour styles. As for availability right now, all the versions are currently available, but not all the different colored body styles for pricing. The two-wheel-drive brush slash will start at about 230 dollars, and the brush slashed 4×4 starts at about 330 dollars, and both of that version includes a battery.

Traxxas Rustler 4×4

Next truck, you probably wouldn’t necessarily race, but it’s an excellent basher. It’s a rustler 4×4.for sizing, and this is a 1 10 scale truck size similar to the slash and bandit with one exception. It’s comprehensive now the most significant advantage to having a wide stance is all the extra stability. it offers the truck, especially at high speeds. The wheel sticks out beyond the body when cornering fast or when driving on uneven rough terrain. It’s not so forgiving when rubbing paint like a short course truck is. But the extra aggressiveness this wide stance affords you makes the rustler 4×4 a great way to thrash bash and do wheelies with the brushless vxl model. The truck is rated for an impressive 65 miles an hour, and when we tested it ourselves, the car reached 66. the wrestler 4×4 is a joy thresh around and offers a little more aggression over similar Traxxas vehicles. It is one of the best ways to let out a little steam while staying in that one-tenth scale size category. You can find the brushed rustler 4×4 model for about 330 dollars. It includes a battery or the brushless vxl model for 430 dollars, and it requires a battery.

Traxxas Hoos VXL

It is a vehicle that was released just last year. It is only available with vxl electronics, and it’s available right now. The Traxxas Hoos vxl for sizing the Hoos is the most significant vehicle we have discussed so far. It uses the same vxl electronics, except the Hoos has an oversized 540xl motor that barely breaks a sweat when driving. When we tasted the Hoos, it popped wheelies, pulled backflips, and bashed around impressively. With the taller tires and the design of the chassis, Hoos sits higher off the ground than other cars. We have talked about so far, like a proper monster truck should, so it offers more ground clearance over the terrain with a reduced center of gravity. Still, what the Hoos lacks and cgs are made up for with aggressive power, aggressive tires, aggressive styling, and that excellent Traxxas monster truck look. Now you can find the Hoos available in a few different body color styles for about 470dollers, and it requires a battery.

Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3 nitro truck

The first nitro on our list is the T-Maxx 3.3 monster truck. Some legends wear capes while others braap in fling dirt which is precisely what the T-Maxx 3.3 nitro truck was made for now. don’t get me wrong, but nitro RC cars are not for everyone and not suitable for beginners, but if you find yourself dreaming of carburetors, fuel clunks. Clutch shoes, then maybe it’s time to wake up and embrace your destiny t-max features. Including the Trx 3.3 racing engine with easy start system auto shifting two-speed transmission installed telemetry sensors eight oversize’s shocks. And aggressive monster truck styling if you are looking for a challenge, something new, or want to join the circle of the elite nitro gang hobbyists. The T-Maxx 3.3might be you plus the truck comes assembled and ready to run out of the box for about 500 dollars, but nitro fuel is required.

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