Are you looking for the best remote control power wheel cars in your budget? Here are the best remote control cars available in the market. We have listed them based on price, durability, quality user reviews, and more. We have listed the cars with parental control as it will give your child a safer ride.


This is for children. The car looks nice. It doesn’t look like a typical power wheels car. 

Battery 12v 7AH 

Remote control 2 AAA battery 

Charger 12 v 

Maximum load 55lbs 

Product size 48.4×26× 17.7

Charging time 8-12 hours 

Continuous Running time 1 hour  

It has little rims. The doors open as there is a latch on the side. It comes with leather seats. It has a parental remote control. It has a forward and back button. They have a middle as well for the neutral button so the car won’t move at all. It has a speed controller as well. You can set your speed to low or high. It comes with instructions on the box. It doesn’t have paper instructions. It has music and tells stories as well. It has a USB port and SD card port so your kid can enjoy the song of their own choice. It has a real starting sound and headlights. You can change songs with a button on the steering. It has a horn and seat belts.


The power wheel company has created this durable and stylish electric car. The yellow finish looks excellent which adds brightness in a place and is simple to maintain.

Color: yellow

Brand :power wheels 

Item weight :72.6 pounds 

Item :30.9×18.4×51.7

Dimension: L×W×H 

We take note of a wide diameter that has more strength to deliver maximum stability also they move on different surfaces smoothly. It has an integrated power lock brake design which adds more security when the child is driving. This eliminates injuries and unintended accidents. It is powered by a 12-volt battery that runs for an extended time in case of a drain boost with the provided charger. They have preset tunes, thanks to the pretend radio three AA batteries. It makes the tour more exciting than the rest without additional tunes. A bonus feature is the different speed levels including 2.5 miles per hour and 5 miles per hour. Set the highest rate that moves about 4KM/HR for a youngster with the necessary driving skills. It comes with a parent-controlled high-speed lockout for beginners.


It is a sports-themed car. It looks like a real jeep wrangler. It has sporty graphics and features. It has a practice net and three different toy balls for soccer, baseball, and football. It is made up of plastic. It has two seats. It can carry a weight of 130 comes with Power locker brakes. It comes with parental -control features. You can control the speed of the car to avoid accidents.

Item :50.98×29.02×29.5 inches 

Dimensions L×W×H

Assembly required:yes 

Age: 3-7 years 

It has a pretend radio which has preset music regarding sports and it also produces driving sounds which boost the excitement of the kids. The speed of the car is 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph reverse. You can drive it on grass and hard surfaces.


It is a great choice for girls who are in love with Elsa and Anna. Its theme is frozen and it has beautiful colors of blue and purple. It looks like the mini version of the jeep wrangler. It has Disney Frozen illustrations. It comes with 2 seats. It carries a weight of 59 kgs. It is for kids of 3-7 years of age.

Material: plastic 

Item weight:28.4 kilograms

Item: 47×32×31.5 inches 

Dimensions: L×w×H

Cartoon character:Frozen 

Theme: Frozen 

Assembly required:yes 

It has been a pretend radio with Frozen movie songs. It has a rear storage area to put toys or other things in it. The maximum forward speed of the car is 8 km/hr and the maximum reverse speed is 4km/hr. It is parental control. It has a 12-volt battery and charger.


It is an amazing car for BBQ lovers. It comes with a removable toy grill. It has five toy food pieces. So children can pretend to be playing BBQ on the lawn of the park. It has toys like a flying disc to play as an outdoor game. It is a complete package for kids. 

Item weight: 130 pounds 

Item: 46.46×29.53×31.5 inches 

Dimensions: L×W×H

Assembly required: yes 

It is a battery-powered car.

It comes with a pretend radio that plays fun grilling sounds. It has a driving sound as well. It has 2 seats. It carries a weight of 130lbs. It is for children aged between 3-7. It has a parental control feature. The maximum forward speed of the car is 8 km/hr and the maximum reverse speed is 4km/hr. It is an amazing choice for kids who love nature.